JB & AC Crater Lake June 2016Marathon Scholar Anthony Chin and Partner John Bloss recently celebrated the 100th birthday of the National Park System by visiting Crater Lake in southern Oregon. They have been matched with Marathon for nearly 13 years and have built a trusting relationship. Anthony is currently a student at Portland State University.
On their recent trip, they traveled by train from Portland to Klamath Falls and stayed there for a night. On the following day they were joined by Richard, John’s friend from the Peace Corps, who brought along all necessary camping supplies and equipment. They camped at Collier State Park and enjoyed visiting the Logging Museum located adjacent to the camping area. All survived a below freezing night in high quality sleeping bags.
After breaking camp the next morning they traveled to Crater Lake to take in the spectacular view. There was still a good amount of snow in mid-June, so some snowballs were thrown. We also had a relaxing lunch on the back deck of the Lodge located on the rim of Crater Lake.
The group had a second night of camping at Diamond Lake, which is a 30 min drive north from Crater Lake. They had a superb camping spot with a snow-capped mountain within view. They enjoyed another night around the campfire and also took a short hike along the shore.
They broke camp the next day and traveled to Jacksonville, Richard’s home, and got a tour of that town’s gold rush era historic district. Anthony traveled back to Portland by Greyhound from Medford the following day. John stuck around an additional day to spend more time with his friend and also tackled a 5 mile hike north of Ashland.
In addition to all the fun activities, Anthony and Richard had the opportunity to talk about computers and careers in the technology field. Richard holds a Masters degree from Cal Poly and is about to retire from a 30 year career with Hewlett-Packard.
 Trips like these expand everyone’s view of the possible. Here at Marathon Scholars we support the many creative ways our Scholars and Mentors connect, whether that’s in the woods, over a drafting table, or in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe. We’re currently recruiting mentors for college-age students. Click here to learn more and begin the application process!