Listen In

Inspiring personal stories of what it means to mentor—and be mentored—from the remarkable people living it every day.

Lovely & Ewa

Ewa helps Lovely see all of the options that are out there for her. listen »

Adarian & Eldridge

A young partnership made stronger by a love for adventure and both being in “the hardest grade I’ve ever been in.” listen »

Kathryn & Rebecca

When you can't tell who looks up to who more, you know it's working well. listen »

Dana, Rick & Sarah

From middle school, through high school, now on to college together. Hear what an A+ partnership sounds like. listen »

Brandon & Evan

Sometimes mentoring starts with bonding... over video games. Hear how a partnership blossoms. listen »

Katy & Alicia

Life in school; life around school. It's a lot. And often mentorship just means friendship. listen »

Jeff & Dan

Two of our founders talk about the idea that began on a run, and the marathon that's still going strong today. listen »

Listen In is a celebration of our first group of Marathon Scholars, who started in 2003 as 10-year-olds, and graduate from college this June. We’ll post new stories regularly. Follow us on Facebook for updates on when stories are posted, and to learn more about our graduates.